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Yoga Testimonials


"Katie teaches a magical yoga class on the beach.  She is the right mix of instruction, patience and yogi heart."

-Kim Tuttle 


"Calming experience...pleasant voice. Pushes you to “feel your body” as she guides you safely through yoga movements." 

-Connie Kerns


"Being into yoga for slightly over a year now, I came across Katie's Yin Class at Hot Yoga Naples.  About 9 months ago I tried my first class and haven't stopped going twice a week. Her gentle and instructive approach has deepened my knowledge and results from my regular Hot routine.  Katie is a Gentle soul and her classes are well worth the search."

-Frank G


"Katie is a phenomenal yoga teacher and a beautiful soul. Her classes are joyful and insightful and her positive energy and outlook is wonderful to be around.  She is very descriptive with her instruction, which is helpful for yogis of all levels. I highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners. Come to any of her classes and you'll immediately see why!"

-Rachel Ewy


"Every practice with Katie is different and perfect in its own way I always leave feeling physically better and  more connected to our earth.  Katie has a kind and mindful way of leading that makes us feel she is someone who genuinely cares."



"Katie is such a positive energy and her classes reflect that! She is an excellent teacher and role model, for everyone!"

-Ilene Ewy

"The Monterey community could not have asked for a more enthusiastic, caring, and professional teacher."

-Rosie Young


"Katie's beach yoga class is one of my favorites!  Her instructions are clear and the flows she puts together always seem to be exactly what my body needs.  I always leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day.  Katie' has a beautiful spirit which shines thru in the inspiring readings that she often shares at the end of each class.  I would highly recommend Katie's beach yoga class to anyone!"

-Jennifer Rust


"Katie  is a very fine and experienced yoga instructor in her classes on the beach and indoors as well in Naples. I think she is terrific and I enjoy her classes very much – she is clear in her instructions, she makes us stretch and bend in important ways, she has a charming  personality and I enjoy her sense of delight and humour. She makes each one of us feel that we are doing something important for ourselves - for our good health and balance."



"For the past several years I have enjoyed doing yoga on the beach. This past year has been especially enjoyable and spiritually uplifting for me as I have had the good fortune of having Katie Mulligan as my instructor. I love everything about Katie.  She has a real love for the art of yoga. She emphasizes the yoga “mantra” of only going as far in the positions as our bodies can take without having pain.  Our classes are diversified and she is considerate of each individual’s needs. Katie incorporates yoga with a spiritual and respectful connection to the earth. I feel blessed to be in her yoga class."

-Pattie Walker 


"I have known Katie for many years. She is one of the dearest, most down to earth people I know. I have had the opportunity to take some of her Beach Yoga classes and iave enjoyed them very much.. She paces the class so that it keeps moving but gives you the opportunity to truly get to the pose and feel it before moving on. She is calm and gentle with her voice and is an old soul which communicates peace and serenity throughout the class. I highly recommend Katie as a Yoga instructor,  for her spiritual base has helped me to enjoy yoga in a way i never had before."



"I have been practicing with Katie over two years. I enjoy her style of an easy flowing practice. Katie will assist in some poses. I believe we all appreciate some guidance to help in some poses. I always welcome assistance. Katie shares her ideas and opens her heart. We all need to be aware of how hard we can be on ourselves. I appreciate the support of accepting myself as I am."



"Katie is a great yoga instructor. Calm, centered and focused, Katie makes everyone feel welcomed and safe as she leads you in movement.  You really feel like Katie takes care of you. The best yoga instructors make everyone feel comfortable and have an impact on each person so that the person feels like they belong. Every great yoga teacher will touch the heart of their students in some way, and Katie certainly does that!"



"I love Kate’s Yoga Class.  It’s the perfect combination of physical, mental and spiritual exercise. 

Kate makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable from the seasoned yogi to the beginner.

I wish I could find a class I like as much back in NY. "

-Kathy M.

Esoteric Healing Testimonials


“Katie is my esoteric healer, and I have been her client for over a year. Katie is a compassionate and intuitive listener. Katie knows how to ask the right questions to get at the heart of my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We talk at the beginning of a session and later after she has energetically worked on me.My experience after each session is a full reset of my being.  I feel more in touch with my body and my feelings. After losing three family members within 20 months, Katie has helped me get out of the numbness of grief and back into my body and in touch with my soul. I recommended Katie Mulligan as a professional esoteric healer. She is an asset to your life.  Katie is enthusiastic about her profession and is continually learning to deepen her skills.  If you are looking for these traits, you will find them in Katie.”

-Gail Southwell, Ph.D., BCC, PCC

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